File a claim

File a claim
File a claim
Business – Commercial
Fidelity guarantee claims

Step 1

Upon the happening of any circumstances giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim under this insurance, you shall immediately upon becoming aware of such loss or damage,

  1. Give immediate notice to the police and take all practical steps to prosecute the Employee(s) involved to conviction for any criminal act which the Employee committed.
  2. Give immediate notice to us stating the Employee(s) involved, their whereabouts and the acts of fraud or dishonesty discovered and submit the completed Fidelity Guarantee Claim Form together with full details, particulars and evidence and any other information as may be required by us.
  3. To the extent allowed by law, retain all monies and other assets due to the Employee(s), which caused the insured event and will treat such monies or assets as deduction from the claim.

Documents required

  • Duly completed fidelity guarantee claim form
  • Police report
  • Police investigation result
  • Internal investigation result
  • CCTV footage
  • Letter of employment and/or termination
  • Detailed description of the employee’s job duties
  • Duty roster of the employee(s)
  • Records supporting the amount claimed
  • Details of restitution made by the employee

Step 2

Additional information