File a claim

File a claim
File a claim
Business – Commercial
Fire / Property claims

Step 1

What to do in the event of a claim:

Please submit the completed property claim form together with the supporting documents (where applicable) for claims consideration

Documents required

  • Copy of police report / Incident report
  • Colour photos of damaged property and location
  • CCTV footage showing circumstances of incident
  • Assessment report from repairer on the cause and extent of the property damage
  • Copy of original purchase invoices/receipts for the lost/damaged property (if not available, provide full description of the items including make, model, age and condition, and purchase date and price)
  • At least 2 repair/replacement quotations for the lost/damaged property
  • Original repair/replacement invoices/receipts
  • All correspondences exchanged between you and the negligent third party

Please DO NOT dispose of the damaged item until we have settled your claim, in the event that we need to inspect / verify the damages.

Step 2

Additional information