File a claim

File a claim
File a claim
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Marine cargo claims

Step 1

Call for survey immediately and request the carrier or other bailees to attend the joint survey.

  • For local shipments, to notify your agent/broker or HSBC Life.
  • For overseas shipments, to notify survey agent (as stated in the certificate of insurance).

Step 2

Inspect container for any holes.

Conduct a light leak test.

Step 3

Clause the delivery note/ receipt/ order if the container is delivered:

  • Damaged
  • With seals broken/missing or
  • With seals other than the ones stated in the shipping documents.

In cases of Full Container Load (FCL) shipments, if the cargo is found to be damaged upon unstuffing, the operations must be suspended immediately and notification must be given to the surveyor or HSBC Life.

Step 4

Do not give clean receipts where goods are in doubtful condition.

Except for cases where the letter of protest has been written.

Step 5

Write to the relevant parties immediately holding them liable for the loss or damage sustained.

Relevant parties include and not limited to: Carriers, port authorities and/or other bailees.

Step 6

Give notice in writing to the carriers or other bailees within 3 days of the delivery of the cargo if the loss or damage was not apparent at the time of taking delivery

Click for the sample letter (PDF, 135KB).

Documents required

  • Original policy or certificate of insurance
  • Original bill of Lading or airway bill
  • Colour photos of packaging and damaged cargo
  • Letter of claim/protest against the carrier/agents
  • Copy of correspondence exchanged with the carrier or other bailees
  • Copy of supplier’s invoice
  • Copy of packing list
  • Delivery note/receipt/order
  • Duly claused delivery note
  • Survey report
  • Landing certificates or weight notes
  • Repair/Replacement quotations and original receipts
  • Statement of claim
  • Other documentary evidence of loss or damage, if any