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File a claim
File a claim
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Storm claims
In the event of a loss our priority is to provide advice and professional assistance at the earliest opportunity. Prompt action is essential. We need to be informed through the brokers immediately so that steps can be taken to prevent further damage or to alert the relevant authorities in the event of loss.

We may arrange to visit you to discuss the details and circumstances or, if appropriate, we may appoint a specialist art loss adjuster. We are a founder member of the Art Loss Register. This computerised art index was set up to log stolen works of art and compare their description against auction catalogues world-wide. Any stolen items insured with us are automatically logged on the system free of chargeā€”a considerable saving for clients.

Step 1

Call our Art Specialist at +65 6880 4888 with the following information in hand:
  1. Policy no.
  2. Details of what has happened and when
  3. List affected items
  4. Severity of the damage/loss
  5. If items have been removed from home and where they are now

Step 2

Download and complete the Storm Claims form (PDF).

Additional information

  • What to do in the event of storm damage:
    If damage has been caused to the roof, arrange for a reputable roofer to visit at the earliest opportunity to secure and seal the damaged area.

    Carefully remove vulnerable artwork and/or musical instruments from the exposed area

  • What to do with damaged items
    If you do not have a preferred restorer, please contact us for advice.
    What you should do:

    1. Take a photograph of the damage.
    2. Store broken items safely.
    3. Do not attempt to repair - not even with super glue.

    You should not throw anything away before speaking to us, even if you think it is completely ruined.

  • Prevention is better than loss
    Fire and smoke, water, theft and accidental damage. Works of art and musical instruments are potentially vulnerable to all of these but sensible precautions can often prevent or minimise damage and preserve them for the owner and future generations.

    We visit many of our clients and this provides the opportunity to discuss security and fire protection as well as offering advice on general risk management.

    We are always looking to test and vet new products designed to minimise loss from fire and theft, so that we can advise our clients accordingly.

    Working in close co-operation with police-force internationally, we offer advice on art and musical instrument fraud and assist to investigate provenances.