File a claim

File a claim
File a claim
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Motor claims

Step 1

Get information

  • Exchange particulars of involved parties including name, NRIC/FIN number, Phone number, Address & Insurance Company
  • Take note of the vehicle numbers
  • Take digital photographs of all involved 3rd party vehicles & the accident scene

Call our hotline

  • Call our 24 hour hotline +65 6322 2600 for a tow truck or for further advice on the accident

Step 2

Report & deliver vehicle

  • Report and bring your accident vehicle (whether damaged or not) to one of our Premium Workshops / reporting centres within 24 hours or by the next working day

Lodge police report

Lodge a police report for the following motor accident cases:

  • Injury
  • Non-injury involving a govt vehicle/damage to govt property
  • Non-injury involving a foreign vehicle
  • Non-injury involving a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Any accident outside of Singapore

Documents required

  • Driver’s driving license
  • Certificate of Insurance