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File a claim
File a claim
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Personal accident claims

If you are a General insurance policy holder, you can submit online for your claims. Otherwise please follow the below steps to submit your personal accident claims.

Step 1

Complete the following claim forms:

If you are a Life insurance policy holder,

Accident insurance claim form (Claimant's statement)
Download PDF
Attending physician statement — Accident insurance*
Download PDF

If you are a General insurance policy holder,

Personal accident claims form
Download PDF
Medical report form
Download PDF

Step 2

Prepare the following documents

  • Medical certificates
  • Original final hospital / Medical bills [for rider with medical indemnity benefit]
  • Copy of Assured's NRIC and Life assured's NRIC or birth certificate
  • Medical reports, if any
  • Copy of police report, if applicable
  • Mass media publications, e.g. newspaper cuttings etc

Step 3

Submit your claim forms with all supporting documents to:

38 Beach Road, #03-11,
South Beach Tower, Singapore 189767

Additional information

* Attending physician statements are to be completed by the attending doctor at the claimant's expense.

** Clinical abstract application form is required to be signed and submitted in the event that further medical reports are required to be obtained.

Important information

  • Payment to be made to policyholder, assignee or trustee based on the party applicable on the policy.
  • For any CPF funded policy in the event of a TPD and major illness claim, the applicable insurance proceeds will be paid back to policyholder's respective CPF account.

Personal accident claims FAQ

Download FAQs (PDF)