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Read about the community programmes we have developed over the years, in contribution to protect and build a more sustainable society.

Melrose comes to AXA Tower!

July 13, 2012 |
Melrose comes to AXA Tower!

On 13 June, AXA played host to 28 Melrose kids – aged 3yrs to 18yrs old. The gathering hub was transformed into a colorful playground, decorated with reusable and recycled materials. “Go Green” was the theme. After a fun ice-breaking game to help them feel ease in a new environment, they happily tucked into McDonald’s lunch meal. The kids then went on an office tour and they felt special as the AXA “uncles” and “aunties” greeted them. They were awed by the huge office space with big workstations and especially, the panoramic view of tall buildings surrounding the sea from 27th floor!

The AXA volunteers, too, had their share of fun in interacting with the kids and in facilitating the art & craft sessions. The kids painted and decorated big pebbles, using their imagination and creativity, and they get to bring their works home to be used as paper-weights. Then, there was a competition segment where the 2 groups of kids challenged against each other to create their unique piece of “green” work, using as many reusable and recycled materials as they possibly can.

At the closing of the event, each child was presented with a Popular book voucher and a goodie bag consisting of AXA pens, water-bottle and light snacks. Seeing the big smiles on their faces gave the volunteers great satisfaction!

Ms Mira, programme coordinator of Melrose Home, said “I do believe all the children had lots of fun. It was lovely that you opened your doors to conduct the activity within your office premises. The novelty of being in a very ‘adults only’ environment was interesting for the kids! They definitely enjoyed the experience. They were on such high spirits when we were on our way back to the Home. We will continue to reinforce the concept of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. I think we have managed to create an awareness of sorts amongst the children about being more environmentally friendly“.